Positions Available
Entry-Level Sales Representative

Prospecting business owners who might need Faceboook advertising and setting appointments for follow-up by our sales reps.
Income Structure: Base + Bonuses


Our Sales Reps have a unique role in our growth and our clients' success. This position includes working with business owners via telephone and with our in-house team to ensure complete client care and satisfaction.
Income structure: Salary + Commission.

Creative Strategist

Our Creative Strategists are the creative hub of our advertising divisions. They build our campaigns using marketing knowledge, images, and text based on the needs of our clients.
Income Structure: Base + Bonuses

Marketing Analyst

The Anayst role is designed to support fulfillment and ongoing maintenance of Facebook and Google campaigns created by the sales reps. The analyst monitors campaign performance on a daily basis, makes adjustments and identifies best practices.
Income Structure: Salary

Client Support Specialist

Our client support specialists are our front end support. They field calls, assess client needs, activate campaigns, manage email correspondence, and coordinate with all departments.
Income Structure: Salary

Graphic Designer

Graphic Designers work with clients to create a brand (or use their existing brand) to help build a unique and comprehensive Facebook presence in the form of customized business pages and logo design.
Income Structure: Salary

Web Developer

Our web developers must have knowledge, experience, and expertise in everything related to coding for the web. This includes knowledge of HTML, CSS and Javascript and an ability to work closely with clients and our design team.
Income Structure: Salary

Content Writer

Our content writers have experience beyond just writing content. They also understand social media and marketing enough to know what will get the strongest response. They will create content for our clients on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and more.
Income Structure: Hourly

App Developer

App developers build apps for our clients’ businesses. They must be able to program in all of the top smartphone operating systems. Programming apps for other platforms (Facebook, Desktop) is not required but is a plus.
Income Structure: Salary

Technical Support Specialist

Our tech support specialist keeps our stock of technology organized, handles changes in our CRM, and fixes any issues with out computers, phones, and other technologies. This includes our network and often requires contacting service providers for support.
Income Structure: Hourly